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SE 6 Point Daisy Press

This press produces a stunning bead. You have six rounds that are fused to the centre and depending on the depth or angle you have a different surface finish. The overall width of the bead is 22 mm, and the thickness approximately 8 mm at the centre.


This item is now out of production, however, if you would like one then please contact us and we will see what we can do.

International Buyers Please Note:

If you wish to purchase these tools and do not live in the UK then please contact us first. The postage on all tool items is different as they are bulky items.

We do not supply in bulk, specifically to the USA.

As with all the presses they are hand made from brass, come with locating pins and a comfortable wooden handle. Brass does get hot when used so be careful touching this when in use, the locating pins are small and neat and aid the alignment of the press when pressing the molten glass.


Above are images of just a few fat lentils that I have made using the press above.

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