Spheres Of Glass
handmade lampwork beads, brass tools

These jewellery items are made on the occasion that I feel like doing something with the beads that I make. It’s not very often that I sit down and have the time to do this but when I do I’m never sure what to do with the finished item. I occasionally wear the odd item and keep some for my own use, but to be honest when finished they tend to sit in a box, so I’ve decided that when the urge hits me, I’ll put them up for sale here. I just like trying out different techniques, it also gives me a few ideas for trying out different styles of glass bead, after all, that’s what my hobby is really all about, making glass beads. I hope you like what you see, if you want to buy them then please do, if it inspires you to try something out then good. Enjoy.

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The broaches are something that I make occasionally. i attended a course at Tuffnels Glass in Yorkshire, a visiting artist Sara Sally Le Grand was taking the class and inspired me to go on an try making a few. They are very ornate and can be heavy in weight so need to be worn on something like a thick coat or jumper. Not something light for a summer jacket, so limited in their use but extremely pretty all the same. I have quite a few as ornaments... being that I like all things glassy and not having young children around they will actually survive for a while! That is of course if I can keep the cats off them!.

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