Spheres Of Glass
handmade lampwork beads, brass tools

Welcome to Spheres of Glass, which is all about handmade glass beads, brass tools for lamp workers and the occasional piece of jewellery made from my handcrafted beads.

BEAD SHOP My Etsy Shop

All the beads that I now sell are available through Etsy. You do not need an account, everything is done through paypal to buy the beads. It's a great site and compliments individuals like myself making and selling home made items.


These items are not very often available, I really only dabble in making Jewellery, it’s a pastime that I indulge myself in when I have lost my mojo with the beads and inspiration seems to have left me for a while. I keep a few items for myself and on occasion put them up here for sale.

Bronze Green Necklace is availabe through Etsy.


All the tools available on this site are handmade and designed by a talented engineer. They are hand crafted and therefore not computer designed, which limits us to the style we can produce but they are of exceptional quality. Those that I have in my own collection are well used and cherished and will last me for years.


I am a Self Representing Artist and a member of SRA.  What is SRA? We are a group of glass artists who are dedicated to the art of lampworking, an ancient art form that flourished in Italy in the 1300’s and then spread throughout Europe, the Americas and the rest of the world.  Visit: www.self-representing-artists.com to find out more and how to join.

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