Spheres Of Glass
handmade lampwork beads, brass tools
Autumn Harvest
Della Broach 45.00

This broach has a long thin pin on the reverse.You can see pictures of this one all through the website, I rather like the colours I have produced.  

Please note: This is rather a heavy broach and will need to be pinned to something substantial. i.e. a coat.

Sizes are:  Length 12 cm  Width 6 cm  Depth 6 cm Measurements do not include the feathers

This broach has been sold, but if you would like one similar then please contact me, i will happily replicate the design.

Della3 Della5 Della2
Ocean Harvest Broach 45.00
OceanHarvest32 OceanHarvest7 OceanHarvest6

This broach has a kilt pin on the reverse which makes it stand proud.  Please see second broach page for details.

Sizes are:  Length 11 cm  Width 7 cm  Depth 6.5 cm Measurements do not include the feathers.

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