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handmade lampwork beads, brass tools
ABOUT Spheres Of Glass

My name is Sandy, I used to live just outside Bath in the South West of England and had done so for some 27 years. Longer if you count the years I spent in the RAF beforehand. Although I now live outside Eastbourne, having relocated in February 2010, when it snowed on the beach! Must have known I was coming....

I'm recently widowed and have two wonderful Sons that keep a close eye on me and some smashing friends (Maggie & Dave).  One of the reasons I relocated was to be closer to my adult children and spend more time making beads.

As you can tell from the theme running through the website, I make glass beads and on the odd occasion some jewellery from my produce, although I generally leave that to the experts that buy the beads.  

The brass tools are made for me by a friend Steve, his wife Helen is extremely understanding by allowing him to do this and I thank her for that immensely.  I consider myself extremely lucky in that I get to play with the prototypes first and then put them on the website for sale.  I must admit to enjoying that side of my hobby extremely.

Autumn Broach
The Studio
Work Station
The Wonderful Glass

Well, here we have it! I’ve worked so hard pulling this together.  The benches were purchased from a site called Bigdug, (I wonder if he is?) anyway, they were cheap and very sturdy, although they took some putting together, I managed it on my own. Everything else was just a case of unpacking and sorting out.  I’m pleased with it, it’s much more compact than my last studio but I have everything close to hand which is much better for me.

I still have a nice view of the garden and can keep an eye on the greenhouse and washing line, (must shed weight, buy smaller knickers and use up less line space!) as if I needed reminding!  

I have three kilns now, two paragons and my faithful AIM stack kiln, you may note that it looks very clean and tidy... Do not believe that though, it’s a trick, it’s now (or rather my work area is) full of small bits of glass and tools everywhere,  which is as it should be.  There’s also plenty of savlon, aloe vera gel and plasters around, which I hasten to add I only need when distracted and that’s often caused by a fleeting blonde moment(s)!

Studio Pic
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